Sunday, November 27, 2005

The End....For Now

I've decided to stop posting on this blog. My experiment with lucid dreaming is over, without any luck so I'm not going to bother recording my dreams any longer. If anyone's still checking in, thanks for your interest.


Monday, July 11, 2005

Dream Journal - 07/11/05

Those who read this site periodically may recall the only real recurring dream-type that I have is what I call the "Disney dream", where I dream I'm at some kind of Walt Disney World park, in various forms and permutations.

Last night I dreamed, not of Disney World, but of a visit to Six Flags over Georgia. It was an incredibly detailed dream, much more detailed than I am used to having (although much of it has, of course, faded since this morning). It was so detailed that to describe it would be as difficult to do as describing every detail of a New York street.. but I'll give you the gist of it:

At first I'm at Six Flags with a friend and his dad. We walk around through the park, and I am dismayed to see rows and rows of food vendors and carnival games. Over and over, with no real signs of any rides. And the food is of the corn dog/funnel cake variety, with little to no nutritional value. We get separated at a show, and I'm worried I won't be able to find them again. I think about trying to contact them via cellphone, but we soon run into each other again elsewhere in the park.

Later, I'm with my son and not with my friend anymore. We are walking around trying to find something to ride but there are only low-quality, low-thrill carny rides, and still more and more food stalls. We're disappointed by the lack of things to do.

Another case, I believe, of being disappointed in an enhanced expectation. What this portains to in my life is not clear, but what is clear is that my subconscious is trying to tell me something - else why not dream of a good time at a park, a place where I clearly love to go and share with my friends and family.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Dream Journal - 07/02/04

I am either watching, or actually am, the character "Will" from Land of the Lost. (refer to the link if you're not familiar with the show)

My dad and sister are gone, and I'm not sure where they are. I apparently have figured out a way to get back home, and it involved stringing a rope through a window - but first I have to step out onto the entrance to our cave.

When I do, I hear Grumpy the T. Rex roar in the not-too-far-off distance - I feel a shudder of real fear go through me/Will. I am paralyzed by the fear that the T. Rex is about to come and eat me.

I don't have the opportunity to feel real fear in my life - I lead a pretty safe existence. And I've watched dinosaurs TV shows and movies for years, and visited theme parks where they are simulated and have never felt a fear like this. I was terrified because I thought it was real. There was a real, living, breathing, eating dinosaur nearby and it was coming for me.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Dream Journal - 06/21/05

My family and I are in my parents' house, where I grew up - except it's a bit different. It feels like a trailer rather than a house. But the interior layout is the same. My wife and daughter are in the kitchen, my son is in my old bedroom and I'm in a den that is between the other two rooms. I feel the house begin to shake and it starts to tip over backwards, as if the ground has given way underneath it. The house falls over on its back, and since my wife is with my daughter, I call to her to tell her I'm going to try and climb my way to the bedroom to find my son.

I try to cry to him, but no sound can come out.

As I reach the bedroom, finally, and see the rubble inside I can't find a sign of him. Before I can begin to search, the house tips again and suddenly begins rolling, over and over, down a large hill. We are all tossed around like dolls...

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Shout Out... an invited reader. Welcome, Wild One! Stay a while, enjoy, let me know if any of these make sense to you :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Dream Journal - 06/14/05

Wow, nothing for the entire month of May.

It's been lean, folks. But here's one from last night...

I'm in a car with a friend, and we're parked on a neighborhood street. There are three tough gangster-types menacing us because of something my friend did. What he actually did was innocent enough, but for some reason he's in a lot of trouble for it. We debate on whether to just drive away quickly, but reason they would find us again anyway.

Ok, this is spooky. Just as I write this, I recall an email conversation with that friend a little bit ago today spelling out a very similar situation he's in - in trouble at work for a relatively minor offense, and the people he's in trouble with are (in context) gangster like.

Hmm. Interesting....

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Sorry, folks

Things have been slow in dreamland lately. The only dreams I have had have either been too personal to record here (they wouldn't make sense to anyone out of context), or simply too fragmentary to remember. I continue to have bad sleep habits, not getting enough sleep which always seems to be a prerequisite to me remembering my dreams.

Hopefully things will improve soon - thank you for anyone who continues to read. Please leave me a comment. Thanks,


Monday, May 02, 2005

Dream Journal - 04/30/05

I am sitting at the window of a house, looking outside. It's raining, and has been raining for days and days and days...

There's a raging torrent of rain outside that's caused a river to form, running by the house. As I watch the river, I see a very large snake swimming it it, with only its head about the water. As I continue to watch, he raises up out of the water to expose 4-5 feet of neck and a large boa constrictor-type crest. He hisses, and I want to run and get my son to show him the snake outside, but it flows by too fast and is gone...

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Dream Journal - 04/26/05

In a rare dream experience, I dream I am another person/character and not myself. But I assume this person represents myself...

I am Sheriff Andy Taylor (Andy Griffith) and along with my trusty deputy Barney we are trying to defend the courthouse from an invader and protect little Opie.

Well, except it's not "The Courthouse TM" from TV, but a larger building - more modern, with many shadows, steel railings and stairs, carpet and back and side entrances. And I don't think it's actually Opie we're protecting, but that's the sense I get from being Andy.

Eventually, through several chases we capture the suspect - who looks a lot like (or is being played by) former Saturday Night Live star Jimmy Fallon. I handcuff him and do something with him (don't recall what).

But all is still not well - there is someone else trying to get in. I alternate perspectives of myself and Barney and we try to chase and round up this guy. Eventually we find him and I (Andy) tackle him and attempt to supdue him. I can't tell who he is, but has very vivid red/orange hair. I recall being very angry, and almost too rough with the guy after he's down.

Am I resentful or fearful of someone intruding into my "safe" places? I try to think I'm a welcoming and inviting person. Not sure what this means...

Monday, April 25, 2005

Dream Journal - 04/23/05

This was was quite disturbing, actually. In a way that will become clear, later.

I am apparently at a baseball game, or some other sporting event or exhibition. I walk around behind the bleachers in the outfield (?), and they are the old, wooden, rickety kind. It's getting dark, and there are shadows underneath the bleachers. The headroom is pretty cramped, but I'm looking in...and I see a young woman sitting on the ground far underneath the bleachers.

I am concerned about her, so I get down on my belly and start to wriggle under the bars - there is no room to just walk or climb through. I realize at this point that all I am wearing is a pair of short underwear briefs.

As I crawl closer, I see she is actually a fairly young girl, maybe 13 or so. She has long black hair, and is naked and very beautiful in an exotic way. She's sitting on the ground, just looking at me. I get to the open space where she's sitting and I ask her who she is, and what's wrong.

She motions a note sitting on the ground next to her. I pick it up and start to read - it appears to be a certificate of some kind, announcing that "You Are the Winner!, and as your prize you get to keep and use this girl in any way you like. She is quite gifted and can satisfy you in many, many ways." I look up at her, and ask her if this is true. She turns her head and smiles shyly..

I am struck by pity for her, and can't believe someone would put her in a situation like this. However, I cannot help but be attracted and drawn by the terms of the contest.. I realize she is way too young even if I agreed to it, and try to talk to her - thinking of ways I can get her out of there, and too safety.

But as I speak, I find myself subconsciously moving over to her, opening up my legs.

She reaches down...

And I awake, violently. Startled. And extremely aroused, and ashamed.

I feel like I had been given some kind of test, and I failed miserably...

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Dream Journal - 04/17/05

I'm a guest in someone's home -- someone with a very opulant home. The furnishings are very fancy, and there are servants in the house.

I'm changing clothes, and am walking around in my room naked. I need to take something into another room and think there's nobody home. As I walk in the other room I'm surprised to run into one of the servants, a young mid-late-20's woman with dark hair cleaning up something. She's startled to see me naked, and I apologize as I beat a hasty retreat.

I'm walking back to my room, as I sense she's standing in the doorway of the other room watching my rear just I disappear through the door. I even slow up just the tiniest bit to make sure she sees it.

I'm then standing in my own room, and she comes in herself without asking. She proceeds to begin straightening up my room. She makes a joke, "So I suppose you're just going to stand there so I can see your penis?"

I'm not embarrassed, in fact I believe she's enjoying seeing me. However, I do get embarrassed as I feel myself begin to get an erection.

I don't get the sense she plans to do anything about it, though.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Dream Journal - 04/01/05

Another Disney Dream.

I am at Walt Disney World with my family. We're riding along in one of the trains that run around the part when I look out and see our cat running loose around some of the buildings we're passing by. I jump out of the train and try to track down our cat. I pass through several rides and attractions until I eventually catch him.

I'm carrying him back to meet my family when two young kids start walking with me and chatting. I let the older of the two hold my cat, and they eventually leave. When I meet my family, I realize the kid still has the cat and I forgot to take him back.

So I get on the train, jump off again at the same spot and try to retrace my steps. I realize the way going is more difficult this time and things have changed...

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Dream Journal - 03/28/05

My wife and I are with several friends attending a huge party.

The party is actually a combination of several parties, all being held in a building that resembles a school or a conference center. Each party was in a separate room, and you had to walk down several hallways to get from one party room to another.

There was a St. Patrick's Day theme to all the parties, and everyone was wearing green from head to toe. The noise was loud and the people were raucous but not out of control.

The friends that were with us were friends we had known years ago in college, though together we didn't go to parties like this then.

I know my wife was with me, but I don't believe I ever actually saw her face. I could feel her presence with me, or behind me.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Dream Journal - 03/15/05

And another. Just some random images:

I have gone to visit a restaurant downtown - I'm not sure if it's here at home, or in NYC. It has a little restaurant in a big city feel. It's very dark outside, the lighting is dim inside. It's been raining so there's an oppressive feeling in the air.

I chat with the people there for a while, gather up some to-go supplies and head home.

When I reach home (my real home) I forget to bring in the to-go stuff from the car.


I take my kids with me and try to return to the restaurant, but we end up walking around the downtown area. It has a very ominous feel, and there are several savory characters lurking about - but for some reason I'm not afraid of them. We walk around trying to either find the restaurant or find our car. At one point we're waiting for an elevator outside in the street, and a hoodlum stands waiting with us. He seems menacing, but we engage him in conversation and he's very pleasant.

I feel the need to protect my kids, but I don't seem in a huge hurry to get out of the area that we are in.

Dream Journal - 03/14/05

A couple of quick hits - this and one to follow:

I have traveled to New York City, I believe, to work on a play. I'm not sure of my role: director, musician, stage manager. I am being housed in a fairly swanky hotel in the city. I have been put in charge of a trailer full of equipment for the show that needs to be transported to another part of the city. I was not able to drive the semi cab that brought the trailer, but I had a white pickup truck that could do the job. Only the trailer hitch on the white truck was broken, and I'm attempting to hitch it up in the load/unload area of the hotel. I go back inside to get help, and find they've closed the lobby area for the night and all is dark (in NYC?!). I do end up finding someone to ask for help but they are unable to assist me. I am telling this person all the things I have to do for this job, and more and more things keep occuring to me, as I explain it, that I've forgotten I need to do - arrange and record some music for the show, etc.

Eventually one of my (real-life) co-workers shows up in a car with someone else who I can't recall, but has no relationship with her. We end up driving around the city.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Dream Journal - 02/10/05

I don't recall exactly when I had this dream, so I picked the 10th as an arbitrary date. I kept forgetting to input it, so that's why I don't recall.

I'm playing for a minor league baseball team. My team is behind by a run, I step up to the plate and hit a 2-run homer in the bottom of the 9th to win the game.

Next I'm playing for a Major League baseball team - I don't recall which one. Similar situation, as knock a 2-run home run to win the game.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Dream Journal - 02/07/05

I had an odd non-Disney Disney Dream (tm). Call it the anti-Disney Dream.

My family and are vacationing in Orlando, and purposefully decided not to visit any of the Disney parks. Instead, we decided to visit Universal Studios.

We're wandering around Universal, and I decide to wander off by myself. I ride a Batman ride (which isn't actually at Universal), and it's very intense. At one point a human actor in a Batman costume comes out of the shadows and is running after our little ride vehicle. I believe Joker was nearby.

I get my son to ride it with me, but I'm concerned it might be too intense for him. Some of the details of the ride had changed - now it was The Riddler as the bad guy. Same view of Batman coming out to chase the ride vehicle.

Then we visit various other attractions in the park. A walk-through of various animatronic dinosaurs - at one point, they're all thundering across a valley while we watch behind a long set of glass windows. I also wanted to ride the Jurassic Park ride, and could see it in the distance, but it was closed for repair.

We also see giraffes in a pit-type pen, where their heads reach over the top and we can pet them. The kids love this.

I try to get everyone on the Batman ride, but realize as we board we've boarded the wrong ride - it's some kind of kiddie ride, and we're all disappointed and a bit miffed, as if we'd been misled.

I also recall opening a map of the park, to find our way back to where the Batman ride was, and the park map was very confusing. It was three separate sheets you had to place side by side, and the park layout was very disjointed and strange.

One interesting thing about this map: There were several areas that definitely wouldn't be at Universal: basically a frontier village, and the map of the area was incredibly detailed. I don't recall what the buildings were, or the captions and labels, but I just remember seeing individual names and attractions.

We were again disappointed at the day we were having.

UPDATE: (2/9/05)I see now that a very common thread in my Disney Dreams, indeed as well as some other dreams, is one of great anticipation followed by disappointment. Rides that don't turn out the way I expect them. Shows that don't live up to the hype. Even dream sex that isn't fulfilling. Somehow I'm anticipating something great out of life, and I feel I'm being disappointed.

This is something I have to explore, and any assistance would be appreciated...

Monday, January 10, 2005

Dream Journal - 01/10/05

I'm friends with a couple who seem to be having trouble with their marriage. The husband is somewhat of a mentor to me in my church, and is part of a Men's Bible Study that I'm a part of. He's also a recovering substance abuser.

I dream this husband showed up at my house, drunk. It wasn't my current home, of course, but my childhood home. Trouble is, he wasn't a human - he was a book. A paperback book.

I took care of him during the night, and he - or the book - was still drunk the next morning.

I phoned one of the other members of our Bible Study group, the husband's good friend, to tell him what had happened.

Cut to our group is meeting outside a house, somewhere at the top of a steep driveway. There are four of us, and the husband walks up (as a human now) in some sort of strange costume. I look at him carefully to see if he's simply joking around and has come to ask for our forgiveness but I can tell he's still drunk.

I feel very ashamed and angry at him.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Dream Journal - 12/27/04

I'm in the stands at a minor league baseball game. My seat was in the lower level, so I was fairly close to eye level with the players.

I'm standing up and in the middle of a conversation with someone beside me, when I realize somebody on the field is throwing me a ball. I've been catching it in a mitt, but not really realizing I'm doing it. I'm not throwing it back, I just keep catching them over and over.

Finally, the guy on the field throwing the ball yells at me to throw them back. I look over and see it's former L.A Dodger skipper, Tommy Lasorda. He tells me to throw back the ball - I look in my glove and see the ball, pick it up and throw it. It goes wildly awry, so I look down and see another ball in the glove - I throw it, and it too goes wildly awry. Lasorda's getting upset with me, and I can tell people around me are starting to chuckle at the idiot who can't even throw a ball back into the infield.

I realize the ball is not really a baseball, but a light, hollow plastic Wiffleball - something that wouldn't sail 10 feet if you tossed it off a cliff. I throw it as hard as I can, it goes about 10 feet - then the wind catches it, and it sails wildly off. I'm getting frustrated, because I can't communicate that it's a stupid Whiffleball Lasorda's asking me to throw, and I'm also frustrated that noone in the stands - who are still laughing at me - can't see it either.

Thursday, December 23, 2004


Why do we forget our dreams? Why, upon waking from some imaginary journey of truly epic proportions, does it slip away like fog into the ether?

That happens to me almost every morning, with the exceptions being noted below. Last night I woke up with that particular feeling I'd dreamed something exceptional, but it instantly retreated safely back behind lock and key - teasing me, hinting from behind the door of memory that it bet I'd love to know what it was..

I guess short of hypnosis, I'll never know what the place was that I went, and what I experienced while I was there.

If I could just figure a way to improve my memory and recall, maybe that would help. I know of no such aids, though...anyone have any ideas?

Course, maybe the fact that when the kids are sleeping at the grandparents house and I get to sleep nude makes me have funny dreams....but that's just me. :)

Monday, December 20, 2004

Dream Journal - 12/19/04

I was at an amusement park all day Saturday, and was quite cold and exhausted when I got home Saturday night. Went to bed at 11:30 pm.

The first part of my dream I don't recall any details. There is a strong feeling, though, that I was present at a struggle between good and evil. Possibly even a participant.

Next, I recall driving down a road in our van, with my son in the back seat. There is a violent storm raging around us, with numerous streak of lightning flashing all around us. I'm trying to get us out of the storm, when suddenly the sky clears and the sun comes out. It doesn't feel right, and I begin to feel suspicious.

A flock of birds are flying low to the ground in front of my. They fly right to left, crossing the path of my van. As they get in front of me, they are immediately sucked straight up. I realize with a start I'm seeing the first signs that I'm in a tornado.

I feel the van picked up off the road a couple of feet, then dropped back to the ground. As I frantically try to get off the road and find safe harbor, I see the swirl of a funnel cloud outside the car, and we are lifted off the road again. This time much higher, and for longer.

With a BOOM I find myself, my son and the van up in a tree where it has fallen and come to rest. The van is balanced precariously balanced in the branches, and I must get my son and myself to safety.

Segue to:

I'm with the rest of my family, and we're going back home to see what kind of damage the tornado did. In the dream, we live in an apartment (we have a house in real life. The apartment isn't one I've ever lifed in in my life, but it did seem familiar to me). As we enter our apartment, we see that a lot of our furniture is gone, and someone has seemed to have moved in new furniture. Our first immediate fear is that someone has stolen our belongings, then we have an idea our landlord, for some reason, thought we weren't returning, sold our belongings and re-rented the property.

It's then I realize we're on the wrong floor - our apartment is on the ground floor. We all troop downstairs and go in our apartment. The apartment seems to be mostly empty, and doesn't appear to have been lived in.

I glance into a room, and my mother-in-law lies dead on the floor.

Wake up! It's 1:30. What a very odd image, and it wakes me up. I feel very disconcerted, and wonder if I should have my wife call home to make sure her mom's ok. I decide that's not a good idea.

When I finally wake up later in the morning, I recall that the next dream sequence, I"m describing the tornado to someone, as if I were blogging it...

Friday, December 17, 2004


I'm not sure I'm all that interested in keeping this blog up anymore. If you read it even semi-regularly, and want me to keep trying to remember and post my dreams, let me know.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Dream Journal - 12/02/04

I dreamed I woke up in the bed in my old room at my parent's house. It was daylight. I rolled over, and I was lying in bed with a coworker of mine. She's about my age, and attractive, so it wasn't that jarring a prospect... I smile for a moment, remembering that we were sharing the bed just to sleep because there wasn't anywhere else for her to sleep. I spend a moment trying to figure a way to get closer to her (without LOOKING like I'm trying to get closer to her) when she suddenly wakes up. I act like I was just waking up and stretching myself when my mom walks into the room to get us up.

Monday, November 29, 2004

Dream Journal - 11/29/04

Over the Thanksgiving holidays, I slept in Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings and a bit later than normal on Sunday morning. As a result, I woke up in the middle of dreams (plus remembered others on waking in the middle of the night) almost each morning.

Unfortunately I didn't write them down, but there are a couple of moments I do remember:

I was outside my house (my current house! A first!) and we were trying to catch a stray dog and take him home with us. I remember getting close and finally picking the dog up - he was tame and nonresistant. He was grey and fairly large, and I had to wrap my arms around his middle to lift him. I took him inside the house.

The day before, my daughter had been chasing a grey stray cat around the front yard.

Another Disney dream. We were leaving the last park we were to visit on our trip, but still had one major show/ride to see. We were walking through a building complex, and the entrance to the show was on the right. We had to have a special ticket, and someone had given us a green "pass" to give to the box office, where we would be given a ticket. Through some doors ahead led to a long downward set of ramps, each leading to a green or blue ticket area. As I walked down the ramp, the ticket area had two large green balls on each side, about the size of bowling balls, which were used to show what color it was. There was a similar blue area to the left. I assume there were other colors around, but I don't think I saw any specifically. I made it to the booth, exchanged my "pass" for one of the green balls - it was not very heavy, but was hard like a bowling ball and about 2/3 the size. I was directed to exit through a door to the left, and back up a flight of stairs to the show entrance.

I went back up, handed them the ball at the entrance and went inside. The interior room was set up cabaret-style, and was much smaller than I anticipated. There was a stage with a curtain in front ahead of me. My son was sitting at one of the tables, so I joined him. I remember expressing my disappointment in the size of the theatre, compared to the hype for this "great show". Then my daughter woke me up :(

I would've liked to have seen the show, anyway...

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Dream Journal - 11/20/04

I sense a pattern emerging that is very interesting. Aliens.

Very short dream, that I remember. I had stepped outside of my parents' house (where I grew up) and looked up in the sky. It was a cloudy evening, and the sky looked threatening - there was a sense of foreboding.

Then I saw them - the ships coming out of the clouds. There had been UFO sightings recently, and the news reports had described what they looked like. Most "rational" people had denied their existence, and cast the eyewitnesses as crazy.

But there they were - two of them, round like two plates stacked together top rim to top rim (i.e. they bulged in the middle). They were twinkling with lights and appeared to hover together over my house.

I had a secret thrill at seeing the alien crafts, but the feeling quickly turned to fear and dread.

That's all I recall. Once again, my kids busted in and woke me up. Why can't a dad get a decent, long, dream-filled Saturday morning sleep? :)

This dream, coupled with yesterday's, the ALF thing, and the dream from several weeks ago about the aliens attacking the building I was in, seems to denote a pattern that I'm not certain of its meaning. In all the dreams, the aliens seemed to represent different things.

Another interesting pattern, and a lack of pattern that I just discovered, is that I dream often about my parents' house, which as I said before is the house where I grew up. I'm assuming it's a place I feel comfortable at (which it is) and I conjure it up as a defense mechanism against whatever my subconscious is throwing at me.

What's more interesting is the fact that I don't dream about my house now, where I live with my wife and kids. I need to look back over all my entries, but I don't recall having a dream since I started this journal that took place here at home. Does that mean I feel safer and more secure back at my parents' than here? Something I'm going to have to explore...

Friday, November 19, 2004

Dream Journal - 11/19/04

I dreamed I was part of an expedition to another planet. I wasn't a pilot, but apparently a mission specialist or maybe colonist of some kind.

Our ship landed on what I believe was Mars, but it may have been some other alien world. As we all got off the ship to explore, I notice that the ground is red and dusty, and there seems to be no life. The "real" astronauts move ahead, and signal they've found something. The rest of us (there were several, and all in regular clothes - no spacesuits) hurry up to see.

There on the ground is a large, low circular platform and as we all crowd around and begin taking pictures, we see four humanoid figures lying on the platform, heads to the center and feet out to the four compass points. They appear to be in cold sleep.

Soon one of them rises and begins to speak to us.

I don't recall what they said. Fast forward to:

Several of us are underground, and the aliens have given us rooms. They've allowed us to change clothes. I put on some kind of thick, heavy black ceremonial looking robe, but one of them comes in and tells me, no - that's for later. Just put on something nice of your own for right now. I recall I brought some shirts and ties with me, and, as they suddenly appear in my suitcase in front of me, I begin to put them on.

There are others of my group in the room with me - I think I recognize them as people I know in Real Life, but I can't recall who they were. I have no qualms about changing in front of them.

Even though the aliens seem friendly and accomodating, I've had too much experience watching sci-fi movies and shows to trust them. If feel a vague sense of unease, though others tell me I'm fooling myself.

The Twilight Zone episode, "To Serve Man" comes to mind.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Dream Journal - 11/15/04

I dreamed my son was on television, on either the Johnny Carson Show or the Jay Leno Show. Actually, I didn't know he was on until they introduced Robin Williams - who came out, sat down in the chair and proceeded to do some funny schtick with my son who turned out to be sitting next to him.

For some reason, my son seemed to be about 5 or 6 in the dream, a couple years younger than he is now.

I remember my wife and I watching the TV, and going crazy after seeing my son laughing it up with Robin Williams

Friday, November 05, 2004

Dream Journal - 11/05/04

Two brief excerpts. I woke after them, but was unable to write them down - my pen was gone. Ah well - details lost to the ether...

I was working in a library. Actually, I believe I was helping convert an old room or an old building into a library. All I recall is that the room was full of wooden bookshelves, and I and lots of people were putting books on the shelves, and helping people find what they wanted.

Later, I recall standing with some people at the bottom of what might have been a well, or an excavation of some kind. Someone pointed behind me, I turned around and saw a giant tractor-trailer rig that had crashed over the side of the well and rested vertically at the bottom, against the wall.

Several of us were then up at the top, and together we all pulled (yes, pulled) the semi up and out of the pit. As we dragged it out and down the street that ran nearby, we saw there were other cars attached to the front by ropes so we were also pulling up a bunch of other things besides the rig. Eventually we got them all out, but the truck fell over on its side and crumpled.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Dream Journal - 11/02/04

I was sitting at a table in a restaurant with several other people.

ALF was standing (?) at the table, and said, "You guys are the nicest humans I've ever met - this week! HAH!", and walked off.

I need to stop eating cats before bed....

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Dream Journal - 10/31/04

Well, it's been a while. Over a month since my last recordable dream.

This one has been one of the easiest to interpret, as well.

I dreamed I was in a convenience store - it seemed to be out in the boonies somewhere. My wife had wanted me to get her a Sprite, so I asked the lady at the counter where to get one. She said she didn't have any 20oz bottles left (my first request), but that there might be some 16oz cans in the cooler unit.

I walked over, opened the glass door of the unit and started poking around. There really weren't any other drinks in there - mostly just other refrigerable goods like cheese, meat, etc. Eventually I noticed some cans in the back on the top shelf, and I found a Sprite. I pulled it out. I recall it being cold and full.

Something distracted me, and when I came back to the task at hand, the Sprite was gone. I looked all around - back in the cooler, on the floor, all around me, but it was nowhere to be seen. I looked back into the cooler to see if I could find another one, but the only other Sprite was half-opened, and a bit crushed. I enlisted the help of a couple of the ladies working, and they assisted me searching for the can - to no avail.

I recall being very frustrated and angry with myself that I had lost the can of Sprite. I woke up just then, and was out of sorts for most of the rest of the morning with a feeling of failure and inadequacy.

This lingering feeling is what made the meaning of the dream quite plain. I find it very difficult to live up to my wife's expectations of me as a husband, as a father, and just as a partner. I'm constantly trying to do good things for her and the family, and I feel my efforts either fail, just don't measure up, or are ignored.

Couple that with the fact that she doesn't even like Sprite makes it confusing - am I trying to accomplish the wrong kind of tasks to win her respect?

And what does the crushed, half-open can I found later mean? I'm at a loss as to what that symbolizes.

This situation is a reality with me, and for the first recognizable time my emotions were dealt with in a dream. Interesting, and a bit enlightening....

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

The Well is Dry

Sorry for the lack of posts, all you multitudinous readers (ha!).

There simply have been no dreams to report. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

But, it's consistent because I haven't gotten to bed before midnight since I got back from out of town. And it makes sense - if I get to bed at or before midnight, chances are I'll have a dream I can remember at least a bit of. If I don't, I don't.

So please don't give up on me. As soon as I remember something, I'll post it.